Monday, 27 August 2012

Bollywood meets Dublin- published in The Irish World

Bollywood came to Dublin last year during the filming of its newest movie, EK Tha Tiger, and the energy-infused flick is set to hit screens August 15th.

Filmed last Autumn in various locations around Dublin, including Trinity College, this romantic action thriller features students, Dubliners, and even An Garda Siochana
filling roles in various scenes and dance sequences.

The film stars two of the industries most popular actors, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, as it takes on a Bourne Identity theme while keeping the traditional spontaneous dance sequences so accustomed to the Bollywood style of cinema.

The movie tells the story of a spy who is sent to Dublin on a secret mission while also pursuing the admiration of the leading lady who happens to study dance at Trinity College.

Ireland has already played host to many the box-office smash such as Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan, but this was the first from the Bollywood genre to be shot on the green isle.

One of the dance sequences can already be viewed online under the movies title.


The colourful two minute clip gives audiences a taste of the eclectic amalgamation that the up-beat movie offers with leprechaun hats, bag pipes, hurleys, and even trad music.

The Irish Times reported that Tourism Ireland believes the hindi movie will significantly boost awareness of Ireland in the growing middle classes of India.

The organisation worked with the Irish Film Board and Dublin City Council to help secure the movies production in Ireland.

Chief executive Niall Gibbons said: “Bollywood is deep-rooted in the psyche of most Indian people as it has a considerable influence on Indian travellers when they are deciding on their holiday destination.
“We are confident that the footage shot in Dublin will help wet appetites and create a curiosity among Indians to come and visit the places where the colourful ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ was shot.
“We are delighted to have co-operated with the Irish Film Board in securing this important film for Ireland which was also made possible through strong support at Government level.”
Due to strict censorship regulations the trailer for the movie has already been banned in Pakistan however it will be shown in several countries and it is believed that it will reach an audience of over 100 million.
Ek Tha Tiger will be shown at most major cinemas in Ireland and the UK.

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