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Interview with Irish Band "Heathers"- published in The Irish World

Irish band Heathers first came to the public’s attention in 2008 when their melodic song Remember When, featured on the Bord Failte television advert.

Since then the Dublin, Ellie and Louise McNamara have evolved as singers and songwriters with already a big following in the States.

The duo’s second album, Kingdom, was recorded in a music studio in Camden and features new poppy and electric rhythms.

The production of this new album differs greatly from their last which was recorded mainly in their friend’s bedroom.

Many of their songs have been used on television series, one o which being the new BBC series of Waterloo Road.

One half of this talented twosome spoke to the Irish World about their up and coming album, their growing maturity as artists in the music world, and the equal love they share for both Dublin and London.

Your first album was made while you were studying for your Leaving Certificate, does that mean you had more time to spend on this album?
Louise McNamara:

“We wrote Here Not There in 2007 when we were 17. We released that in 2008 and re-released it in 2010, so we have had since 2008 to write this album though most of it was written last summer. We have had a lot more time to work on this album. I think we have matured a lot in general and in terms of song writing and ability.

What was the inspiration for your second album?
I wouldn’t necessarily say there’s a distinct inspiration for it. In general for our music I wouldn’t name off an artist that would be a complete inspiration. It was just a kind of a progression from the last album. We’ve always wanted to play with more musicians as Here Not There was just myself and Ellie, an acoustic guitar and a cello. On this second album we worked with two musicians over in London and they played with numerous instruments.

This album, Kingdom, is more poppy. You can definitely tell its Heathers, it still has the harmonies and melodies that we write. It’s a bit more dancey and a lot more electric.

Was it all recorded in London?
We recorded it all in London last September with a guy called Max Jingle who worked with White Lies, Glasvegas and the Killers. We were over there until December. Here Not There was recorded in our friend’s bedroom so it was a big jump to go from that to a massive studio, but it was a really great experience and we had the most amazing time.

Any plans to relocate to London?
We love travelling and going to different countries. We’d love to relocate to London. Right now we are doing so much over here, there’s a great music scene over there as well as here in Dublin.

The first single Forget Me Knots that you released from your new album is quite upbeat but seems to deal with feelings of despair, what inspired this song?
We wrote that song for a friend of ours who died two years ago. It’s a song about getting a message out to people of all ages that it’s alright not to feel okay. There’s such a stigma attached to depression people need to know that they are not out there
on their own. It’s quite upbeat but it does deal with quite a serious subject. It is one song on the album that means the most to myself and Ellie.

What has the reaction so far been to that single?
The reaction so far has been brilliant. We made a music video for it with Hugh O’Connor and put it up online and there is over 20,000 views on that already. We are looking forward to people hearing the rest of the album. So far it’s been fantastic.

Heathers new album “Kingdom” is set for release on September 7th.

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