Monday, 26 November 2012

Dara O'Briain at The Apollo- published in The Irish World

It’s a long way from children’s TV in Ireland that Dara O’Briain has come. These days he is spending considerably less of his time doing “make and do” and a lot more filling London’s Hammersmith Apollo. Leah Quinn went along to see his new show – “Craic Dealer”.


It seems on this side of the pond Dara O’Briain can do no wrong as he continues to pop up on our TV’s in shows about everything from boats to Mathematics.


The British seem to have truly embraced this gentle giant which seems odd when you compare his success to other Irish comedians such as Des Bishop and Andrew Maxwell, who have done well but are in no way taking complete control of our air waves.


His continued success puzzles me even more after this latest disappointing gig as from start to finish I found it to be heavily lacking in imagination. In fact it became apparent that it is hard to pin point or recognise O’Briain’s own authentic comedic style which can only make you wonder if there is any at all.


His comedy is safe, inoffensive and at times delving slightly too far into the blatantly obvious.


Throughout the show his gags seemed as if they may have come from someone else and yet with his charm and talent for timing he managed to deliver them effectively and more often than not receive a hearty reception.


His reliance on the audience to provide some sub standard jibes was hugely over done as he made school boy type comments about their names, professions and spouses.


It was even a fan of the comedians that came up with his shows title, which O’Briain freely admitted but which in no way aided his persona as a creative entertainer.


O’Briains comedy will never excite like that of Spike Milligan nor inspire philosophical follies like the work of Tommy Tiernan or Dylan Moran but he fits nicely into the family friendly niche that many seem to enjoy.


However if you like your comedy fresh, risky and bursting with opinion then perhaps have your funny bone tickled elsewhere.

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