Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tommy Tiernan Stray Sod show review

Published in The Irish World newspaper 05/02/2014

By Leah Quinn


Tommy's career has taken more twists and turns than your average country road. In previous years he has made the unusual journey from comedic king to villain in the eyes of many the critic as his often risky choice of material and energetic outbursts have turned more than a few heads and not always for the rights reasons.


His latest performance in Dean Street’s Soho theatre, however, proved that his best days may still lie ahead of him as Tiernan boisterously returned with a whimsical charm, a trait of his which originally attracted a very large following.


His rugged features, yet childlike mannerisms  brought not only comedy wisdom but also sheer lunacy, a concoction for which few comedians seem to have the ingredients.


His material for Stray Sod seemed to be mainly focused on the absurdities of human nature and  the bizarre cultural differences encounter as we travel.


Although this current show is much safer than some of his previous stuff, Tiernan still brings a refreshing daredevil approach to the comedy stage and in no way holds back with his opinions. Judging by his witty yet careful handling of a quite raucous heckler in the front row, Tiernan is still not afraid to speak his mind but has now mastered doing so with a pinch more affliction.


In what felt like a very fast moving hour and a half, Tommy  touched on a variety of topics. Some of which included the Irish in Australia, ignorance in the Irish countryside ,French lessons in school, his ginger-haired child, his thoughts on Londoners, how to distinguish which county an Irish woman is from, the news and weather, his offensive jokes in the past and the backlash he has faced since, celebrity magazines, the noises fields make at night and his mother’s funeral. All of which were delivered in Tiernan’s usual mischievous yet alluring style of delivery and had the audience hanging on his every word.


Stray Sod not only proved that he has surpassed the dark cloud that once hung over his career and triumphed out the other side by staying true to his original style but that ,more importantly, Tommy Tiernan may be a comedian by profession but he is story-teller at heart.
Check out Tommy a few years back...



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